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LUAS Dublin

The Luas is the tram/light rail system in Dublin, Ireland, which in 2015 carried 34.6 million passengers, it has two main lines: the Green Line, which began operating on 30 June 2004, and the Red Line which opened on 26 September 2004. Since then, both lines have been extended and split into different branches. The system now has fifty-four stations and 36.5 kilometres (22.7 mi) of track. Luas is operated by Transdev, under tender from the Transport Infrastucture Ireland (TII). It is a major part of the National Transport Authorities’ strategy (2000–2016). Three extensions to the existing Luas lines have been completed. Construction of a 6 km extension to the Green line to the North city centre and Broombridge, which will link both Green and Red lines, began in June 2013.