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Here you have access to a huge library of documents relevant to tram operators and partners. These are divided into three sections; General Guidance Notes, Office of Rail Regulation notes and Technical Guidance Notes. For documentation relating to safety matters, please visit the Light Rail Safety and Standards board website by clicking here.

General Documents

General Guidance notes

UK Tram produces a wide selection of general guidance notes to help industry partners address specific issues, reduce costs and the time taken to develop light rail projects. You can view these documents below.

ORR Guidance

Below you can access a series of guidance notes produced by UK Tram and the Office of Rail Regulation (ORR), led by Her Majesty's Inspector of Railways (HMRI).

Technical Guidance

Our Technical Guidance Notes (TGN) cover significant issues relating to the light rail sector. You can access these notes below.

Centre of Excellence

Below you can access a series of documents published from the Centre of Excellence.