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Useful Websites

There are now a number of established websites, designed to support employers with delivering the new apprenticeships. These are;

  • An overview of apprenticeships for employers and candidates.

  • The Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education. For information about apprenticeship standards and T-Levels including what’s available and the quality strategy:

  • Apprenticeship funding rules from the Education and Skills Funding Agency:

  • For information regarding Apprentices minimum hourly rates:

  • For employers looking for a Training Provider


This website contains a feature where employers are able to ‘rate’ a training provider based on 3 or 4 quality criteria.

  • For employers looking to recruit an apprentice


This website contains useful information regarding hiring an apprentice in England.  If you are based outside England you can find information on the following links:

Scotland –

Wales –

Northern Ireland –


Useful websites for potential apprentices are:

  • For potential apprentices to search and apply for vacancies:

  • The National Apprenticeship Service runs a website to support schools and the promotion of apprenticeships to young people: