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Martin Fleetwood

Monday September 3, 2018

Martin is a senior lawyer in the law firm Addleshaw Goddard LLP and has been involved in the light rail sector for over 20 years.  During this time he has had an involvement with all of the second generation light rail schemes in the UK, where he has advised various industry parties on legal issues.  His experience covers working on schemes in Ireland, mainland Europe, the Middle East, India and Asia.  He has worked for various clients, advising on the legal aspects of establishing new schemes, the replacement of concessionaires and operators and extensions to existing systems.

Martin has been involved with a number of industry organisations in the light rail sector.  He was part of the team that established the Light Rapid Transit Forum, which promoted the private sector within the light rail industry before the establishment of UK Tram.  Following his election to the Board of UK Tram he was involved in the restructuring of UK Tram and the establishment of the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board, where he was one of the original directors of Light Rail SSB Ltd.

An active supporter of the light rail industry, Martin has written and spoken on many topics which affect the industry.  This has included managing legal risk, structures for tram concessions and the benefits of the Luxembourg Rail Protocol as well as on safety legislation applying to the light rail industry.  He has contributed a number of articles to leading industry publications such as Tramways & Urban Transport and is a regular speaker at the UK Light Rail Conference.   As a legal practitioner who also works in other parts of the transport sector, Martin is able to bring ideas and experiences from these areas, including an understanding of alternative solutions which may be appropriate for resolving particular issues and of multi-modal operations.

Martin has significant experience of sitting on committees and helping them deliver their set objectives.  In the transport sphere this has included having a good understanding of the political landscape, which is often a key factor in the progress of tram projects.  He is also able to provide guidance on the application of processes and procedures to ensure that board and committee decisions are taken in the correct manner.

Martin is a fellow of the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport, where he chairs the Institute’s Strategic Rail Policy Group and sits on the Institute’s Public Policy Committee.  The Institute’s Strategic Rail Policy Group reviews and comments on rail-based activities which have a strategic importance for the UK and advises the Institute on any public comments it wishes to make on these matters as well as responding to industry consultations on rail matters. Within the Policy Group, Martin has specific responsibility for light rail issues as well as legal issues more generally.

Martin firmly believes that there are a number of opportunities for expanding light rail in the UK.  He wishes to be able to continue to make a difference for the industry and would welcome the opportunity to help work towards this through his reappointment as an Independent Board Member of UKTram.