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James Hammett

Thursday August 2, 2018

James has been involved in Tramways & Light Rail from an early age. Having started out as an apprentice engineer, he worked his through the ranks, rising to the position of chief engineer, before deciding to sample other areas of the engineering industry, whilst still remaining involved in Light Rail operations. After proving his adaptability in changing fields, he decided to return full time to work in the operational side of the Light Rail Industry, whilst keeping an involvement in the engineering side. James has been involved in the Light Rail Industry for over 26 years and has spent the majority of his 21 year working career in this sector.

As Managing Director, James’ duties include overseeing and ensuring delivery of the UKTram Boards requirements in the operation of the sole trade body for Light Rail and Other Guided Transport Systems in the UK and British Isles. Ensuring the efficient running of all functional elements of UKTram and supplying the link between the industry, the DfT, ORR and RAIB. Developing the UKTram business plan and ensuring its implementation and delivery by overseeing all of UKTram’s working groups and functional groups, this includes government mandates and requirements and ensuring our members are addressed accordingly.