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UK light rail innovation showcased in Spain Thursday March 21, 2024

Delegates at a high-profile international event have heard how the UK is leading the way when it comes to light rail innovation.

The work being done by the sector to enhance safety on the nation’s tramways and similar transit systems was highlighted at the European Light Rail Congress by James Hammett, Managing Director of UKTram.

In a keynote presentation during the event, James explained how the operators were working in partnership with the UK’s Light Rail Safety and Standards Board and other stakeholders to deliver a host of pioneering projects.

“From trials of driver vigilance monitoring devices to the evaluation of obstacle avoidance systems, this collaboration has seen the country become a world leader in light rail innovation,” James explained.

“Other examples of this pioneering work are the introduction of a comprehensive online authority to work system introduced by Edinburgh Trams, and the use of state-of-the-art simulators for driver training in the Scottish capital and on other tramways across the UK.

“UKTram’s functional working groups have played a leading role in bringing together expertise from across the country to identify areas of shared concern while sharing best practice and they continue to shape ongoing research into new technologies such as a virtual track awareness tool.”

Held in Saville, Spain, the European Light Rail Congress brought together colleagues from across the continent and beyond for two days of debate covering the role of technology in the development of sustainable urban travel.

“The congress also provided the ideal opportunity to showcase the work we are doing to promote the benefits of light rail as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly solution to the transport challenges faced by urban areas, and we would like to thank the organisers, Mainspring, for such an informative event,” James added.