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Pre Metro Unveils a New YouTube Video: “The Stourbridge Shuttle: How Does It Work?” Friday February 2, 2024

Pre Metro, the operator of the renowned Stourbridge Shuttle, has released an insightful new YouTube video titled “How Does It Work?”

This engaging and educational video highlights the Shuttle as the UK’s only Very Light Rail (VLR) system and explores how the rolling stock works, and how similar projects can revolutionise public transportation in other regions.

The Stourbridge Shuttle is celebrated for its exceptional reliability and efficiency and has been an exemplar of VLR success in the rail sector. Pre Metro’s Stourbridge Shuttle, renowned as the ‘Most Reliable Railway Service in the UK’ with a 99.6% service reliability average annually, operating 1370 services every week.

This video is designed to appeal to both young enthusiasts and industry professionals, shedding light on the innovative aspects of VLR. Viewers will be taken on a journey through the operations of the Stourbridge Shuttle, understanding its impact on local communities and its potential as a sustainable transport solution. The video is not only informative but also a call to action for greater collaboration and exploration in the world of public transportation.

“We believe that the success of the Stourbridge Shuttle can inspire and inform future transportation projects. Our video aims to engage a wide audience, from curious individuals to industry experts, in a conversation about the future of rail travel,” said Charlie Merrell from Pre Metro.

Pre Metro invites viewers to subscribe to their YouTube channel and follow them for the upcoming second part of the series, “Integrating Very Light Rail,” coming next week. This aims to delve deeper into the potential implementation of VLR systems and their benefits.

Watch the video now on Pre Metro’s YouTube channel: “The Stourbridge Shuttle: How Does It Work?”