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Blackpool showcases innovative safety system Friday August 4, 2023

A demonstration of the latest obstacle detection and avoidance technology has been staged for light rail professionals during a recent visit to Blackpool’s Starr Gate Depot.

Members of the UKTram Operations Group were given an insight into Alstom’s Collision and Overspeed Monitoring and Prevention Assistance System (COMPAS), as highlighted in a video that can be viewed here.

During their most recent meeting, hosted by Blackpool Transport Services Ltd, members of the group also benefitted from a presentation by CIRAS on the benefits of confidential reporting for employees and an update on the organisation’s new ‘available for all’ app that allows them to report their health and safety concerns.

Steve Duckering, Operations Manager at UKTram, commented: “We would like to thank colleagues in Blackpool for hosting the meeting that included a fascinating insight into the capabilities of COMPAS.

“Members of the group were also able to discuss a wide range of topical issues, with operators from across the UK, and Luas in Dublin, providing updates on their latest challenges and successes.”