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UKTram outlines plans for 2023/24 Thursday July 6, 2023

The organisation representing the UK light rail sector has set out its priorities for the next 12 months, including working with members to boost post-pandemic patronage.

UKTram has also pledged to continue its work on assessing the viability of proposed new light and very light rail systems, and extensions to existing networks, in its updated business plan.

The recently published document also highlights the importance of the organisation’s working groups and sub-groups, made up of professionals from across the sector, that will continue to share best practice and deliver against their objectives.

James Hammett, UKTram Managing Director, commented: “The update to our three-year business plan, originally published in 2022, reflects a clear focus on providing ongoing support for existing networks as they strive to return to growth following the Covid-19 pandemic.

“As part of this, we will continue to work with partner organisations, members and other stakeholders to promote light rail as a reliable, convenient mode of public transport with clear environmental benefits.

“Alongside this, through our Centre of Excellence, we’ll continue to work with proposers of new schemes to develop their business case while helping to remove the barriers to the expansion of light rail in the UK. This includes backing research projects that will help drive innovation within the sector.”

The updated business plan can be downloaded here.