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Group looks at extending the life of vehicles and equipment Friday May 26, 2023

The management of obsolete fleet and infrastructure has been explored during a recent meeting of tramway engineers from across the UK.

Members of UKTram’s Light Rail Engineering Group (LREG) heard from an industry expert on extending the life of electromechanical components, providing sustainable repairs and reconditioning.

The Group also received updates from the networks and industry members from around the country, as well as from the RAIB, ORR and Light Rail Safety and Standards Board during their latest meeting and best practice day hosted by ZF Services Ltd in Nottingham. Prior to the meeting, the company gave a presentation on infrastructure and driveline monitoring and tour of their transmission reconditioning facilities.

Phill Terry, UKTram Lead Engineer, commented: “We would like to thank ZF Services for their hospitality on the day and a very informative presentation.

“For the best practice day, a presentation was also delivered by Servotech Ltd on extending the life of electromechanical components and this was followed by discussions on fleet and infrastructure obsolescence and how it can be resolved.

‘’The event provided an ideal opportunity for engineers to discuss and share their experience and knowledge on a very important issue.  With the advancement of technology and expected longevity of kit, obsolescence can soon be a cause for concern amongst operators and maintainers especially where kit is bespoke or no longer supported by the original manufacturer.”

The meeting also saw the election of a new LREG Chair, Marilena Papadopoulou, Renewals Manager of Edinburgh Trams, who is replacing Ian Hale on his retirement from Transport for London.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for Marilena and we’re looking forward to collaborating with her as Chair of the Group. We would also like to thank Ian for his tenure and wish him well in his retirement,” Phill added.