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Sharing best practice to tackle anti-social behaviour Friday April 28, 2023

Marketing and customer service professionals from across the light rail sector are joining forces to help tackle anti-social behaviour on UK tramways and similar transit systems.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, network operators have reported a marked increase in reports of unacceptable behaviour from a small minority of people causing disruption and upset for employees and law-abiding customers.

Members of the UKTram Marketing and Customer Services Group also heard that some networks had seen a rise in offences such as criminal damage, reflecting a wider trend experienced by all forms of public transport and communities across the country.

Group Chair Tom Singleton, who is also Head of Service Delivery at London Trams, explained: “Unfortunately, tram and metro systems are not immune to problems experienced by wider society, but operators are determined to do all they can to reduce its impact on customers, staff and services.

“As well as working closely with the police and other agencies to help reduce crime, they’ve also been engaged in a wide range of initiatives to hammer home the message that anti-social behaviour on the tram is unacceptable.

“They’re also strengthening links with schools and community groups to help reduce anti-social behaviour in the future, and at their next meeting, members of the group will be sharing best practice and examples of initiatives that have delivered positive results.”

Representatives from networks in Nottingham, Sheffield, the West Midlands, Manchester and Blackpool joined the most recent meeting which also discussed fare changes and the value of targeting students to help drive patronage.

Tom added: “Once again, the meeting proved an ideal platform for marketing and customers services professionals to share their experience and expertise to help light rail enhance its position as one of the most popular forms of public transport.”