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Very Light Rail will be showcased at the Light Rail Conference Thursday July 8, 2021

Pre Metro will be travelling up North to the Light Rail Conference on the 13th and 14th July.

The operators of the Stourbridge Shuttle will be at the Hilton Hotel in Newcastle Gateshead to present their operational expertise to other colleagues within the railway and tramway industries.

As the only Very Light Rail operators in the UK, they will present their unique insight and statistics at Stand G, with Executive Director Steve Jasper also taking part in the debate on the cost-efficiency of Light Rail.

At up to 50% cheaper than traditional rail services, VLR could be the cheapest and greenest solution to many obstacles currently affecting the public transport industry – particularly if introduced as short feeder routes connecting the railway network.

With disused rail and old formations currently available for consideration under the DfT’s Restoring Your Railway fund, Very Light Rail offers a very viable and achievable solution to improve the railway network, and you’ll also find Director Mat Taylor (of Pre Metro, UKTram, and CNNCT Ltd.) visiting to discuss his white paper and VLR affordability.

The Pre Metro team looks forward to seeing you at Stand G, where you can learn more about the effective and affordable future of Very Light Rail; learn about how to successful and reliable operations; and discover the new proposed services that could soon connect the West Midlands.

Pictured are (Left to Right) Pre Metro CEO Phil Evans, WMCA Leader Andy Street, Stourbridge MP Suzanne Webb, and Director Steve Jasper discussing the proposed Stourbridge Dasher and the viability of Very Light Rail.