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Extension of Covid support welcomed Monday June 21, 2021

An extension to emergency support for light rail systems has been welcomed by UKTram.

In March, the Department for Transport announced funding to support networks in Nottingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Blackpool, Manchester and the West Midlands for 11 weeks.

Now funding has been extended until July 19 to ensure networks can continue providing essential services while many Covid restrictions remain in place.

James Hammett, Managing Director of UKTram commented: “This vital support is to be welcomed and will help the sector to continue delivering services that have proved vital for many key workers through the pandemic and are playing an important role as many businesses reopen.”

“Even when the remaining rules are lifted, it is uncertain when passenger numbers and revenue will return to pre-pandemic levels and so UKTram will continue to work with government on longer-term support for the light rail sector.”