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Institute membership set to boost transport collaboration Friday February 26, 2021

UKTram is forging even closer ties with the wider transport industry after becoming a full member of a highly respected organisation for industry professionals.

As an official ‘knowledge partner’ and member of the Chartered Institute of Highways & Transport (CIHT), UKTram plans to step up its engagement with colleagues from other organisations and identify areas for collaboration.

James Hammett, Manager of UKTram, explained: “Joining the Institute reflects our commitment to working in partnership, sharing best practice and skills development.

“We’ve also become part of the CIHT’s Partnerships Network, which brings together representatives from public, private and academic sectors, for high-level discussions on the challenges faced by the transport industry.

“In the spirit of collaboration, these networks aim to develop collective solutions to issues faced by the sector, and we’ve already been invited to take part in workshops and discussions on hot topics such as climate change, bridging the skills gap, procurement and funding.

“As part of these strategic level consultations, where they align with our own areas of expertise, we can make a real contribution to sharing best practice while helping the CIHT to influence current and future infrastructure projects in the UK.”

Full membership also provides access to the Institute’s Initial Professional Development Framework, enabling the UKTram team to further enhance its own knowledge and skills base.