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Leading innovation in the light rail sector Tuesday December 22, 2020

The light rail sector is a real hotbed of innovation with UKTram at the forefront of projects to develop greener, more efficient and even safer transport systems, industry leaders have heard.

As a keynote speaker at a high-profile conference last week, UKTram Managing Director, James Hammett, highlighted a wealth of initiatives championed by the light rail sector’s representative organisation.

“From leading projects that embrace virtual reality and artificial intelligence to improve driver recruitment and training, to investigating new methods of tramway construction and reducing maintenance costs, UKTram is helping to drive innovation across the sector,” he explained.

“Our members have also risen to the immediate challenges facing the sector while investigating ways to overcome barriers to its future expansion. For example, the past year has seen the introduction of catenary-free operation in the UK as part of the expansion of West Midlands Metro.

“Operators have also embraced new ways to communicate with their customers during the coronavirus pandemic and deliver important messages on safe travel, while UKTram continues its work on a pioneering study of wearable technology to monitor employee wellbeing and levels of alertness.”

Mr Hammett also praised organisers of the latest Unlocking Innovation event, the Railway Industry Association (RIA) and its partners Network Rail and UKRRIN for staging the event and associated webinars that covered lightweight and low-cost railways.

“Held online due to the current coronavirus restrictions, the event provided an ideal opportunity to showcase the fantastic work that’s being done across the light rail sector,” he added.