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Network Rail launches Tram Train Pilot Learning Hub Thursday December 3, 2020

The Tram Train Pilot Learning Hub has been launched by the project’s delivery partners (Network Rail, SYPTE, and Stagecoach Supertram).  The hub contains information on a wide range of themes and topics drawn from the collective experience of designing, constructing and operating the UK’s first Tram Train system. 

The hub includes material on the Citylink Tram Train vehicle; infrastructure changes; safety, legal and regulatory requirements for operating Tram Train.

The repository is hosted in SharpCloud, a web-based system with easy navigation and a high-quality graphic interface.

The hub is being made available to the industry free of charge and delivers a key objective of the Pilot.  Information will continue to be added through to mid-2021.

Simon Coulthard, Network Rail’s Head of Light Rail Knowledge & Development, said “the launch of the learning hub marks another major milestone in the delivery of the Tram Train Pilot.  I thank my colleagues in SYPTE, Supertram and Network Rail for helping to compile the information and data that makes this a very comprehensive learning resource.  I hope colleagues in the industry will find the hub valuable as they assess the potential for Tram Train elsewhere.”

The hub site is owned and managed by Network Rail.  Applications for access may be made by email to  Applicants should provide their name, job title, organisation and email address.

The launch of the hub marks the first major deliverable for Network Rail’s new Light Rail Knowledge team.  The team, led by Simon, has been created to provide a centre of excellence in Network Rail for light rail matters.  Simon, and Light Rail Knowledge Manager Alex Dodds, work closely with colleagues and stakeholders to share learning from the Tram Train Pilot and help assess the next generation of light rail schemes.

Alex, who maintains the Learning Hub, commented “it’s taken a huge effort by all the partners to bring our collective learning into one accessible forum.  I’m really excited to be sharing our knowledge and helping the development of future light rail schemes.”