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Engineers meet online to discuss hot topics Thursday November 26, 2020

Engineers from across the sector have been working to drive forward practical solutions to a range of technical challenges facing light rail.

During the latest quarterly meeting of the UKTram Light Rail Engineering Group, members discussed a range of topics, including low rail adhesion and its impact on services.

At the ‘virtual’ meeting last week, they agreed to share data on the issue and to seek the support of other UKTram members with specific expertise as part of wider research into possible solutions.

Craig O’Brien, Engineering Manager at UK Tram, explained: “Low rail adhesion has been the subject of previous best practice sessions held by the group, but now we plan to step up our efforts to find ways to mitigate the problem and the inherent risk it presents to operations.

Held online due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the meeting also looked at re-emerging proposals for allowing bikes on trams nationwide, and there are now plans to build on the work already carried out on the topic by UKTram’s Owners and Authorities Group.

“Further updates on both projects are expected early in the new year as we plan a programme of meetings and activities for 2021,” Craig added.