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National Occupational Standards for tram drivers published Monday October 5, 2020

Working in partnership with employers across the light rail sector, UKTram has developed a new set of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for drivers.

Drawing on expertise from sector professions, specialist consultants and other relevant organisations, they are part of a wider UKTram NOS project that aims to benchmark the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to undertake various roles to a recognised level of competence.

The standards are available to all organisations in the sector free of charge and can be found at

Steve Duckering, the organisation’s Operations Manager, explained: “Approval and publication of these new standards represent a major step forward in our efforts to promote best practice.

“It follows the launch of a similar NOS project for tram engineering technicians that has been well received.

“NOS can be used by employees to support the development of vocational qualifications and apprenticeships and the development of in-house training schemes, as well as forming the basis for self-assessment and development.”

Providing a valuable resource for HR and training departments across the sector, the standards can also contribute to the development of job descriptions and job advertisements and as an interview check list for selectors.

Julia Whittaker, a Director at training consultancy The Big Solution, helped lead the Driver NOS project and added: “We would like to thank all the operators and other organisations for their valuable contribution to the standards which set a sector-wide benchmark that will benefit employers, employees and the customers they serve.”