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Setting new standards for tram technicians Tuesday August 25, 2020

UKTram is continuing to drive professional standards across the light rail sector with the launch of a new initiative aimed at traction and rolling stock technicians.

The National Occupational Standards (NOS) project is being developed in partnership with employers and other appropriate organisations across the UK.

Craig O’Brien, Engineering Manager at UKTram, explained: “A series of NOS for different types of work across the sector are currently being developed and we’re currently focussing on engineering-related roles.

“Traction and rolling stock technicians will be amongst the first to benefit from the new standard as they’re at the forefront of tram maintenance, ensuring they operate efficiently and effectively and meet all the necessary safety regulations.”

The new standards are being developed at occupational level and are structured to reflect the key functions and activities undertaken by individuals engaged in those roles.

Activities are broken down and presented within specific areas of competence. For example a specific unit could address an activity such as lifting and moving tramway assets, materials and equipment.

Available free of charge to all organisations in the sector, they can be used as a resource in a wide range of HR and training functions, including the development of in-house training schemes, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships.

The standards can also be used to support career and performance development, performance assessment and to establish formal job descriptions.

Craig added: “National Occupational Standards are a valuable tool in driving up the level of competence as they inform best practice and underpin recognised qualifications for the industry.

“Following a recent scoping exercise involving light rail engineers from across the UK we are now in the process of establishing a robust framework for the standard and we’ll be publishing further updates over the coming months.”