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Calls for all UK networks to get funding support Wednesday August 12, 2020

Following the announcement of new funding for five light rail networks in England, the voice of the Industry UKTram welcomed the fact that this announcement would also aid the Light Rail systems governed by devolved administrations.

James Hammett, UKTram Managing Director, explained: “The Department for Transport has confirmed to us that the most recent funding to help operators maintain operations in England is ‘new’ funding and not drawn or reallocated from existing budgets.

“As a result, under a mechanism known as the Barnett Formula, devolved administrations responsible for public transport are entitled to additional funding.

UKTram is now calling for swift action from Treasury to ensure that Barnett Formula ‘consequential’ funding is passed on to the devolved administrations to support their Light Rail Schemes. The two prime examples being Scotland’s SPT Subway in Glasgow, known locally as the ‘clockwork orange’, and the Edinburgh tram network.

“UKTram is committed to working with government at all levels to ensure all light rail systems not covered by the £37.4 million support package announced at the weekend receive help. These include the recently reopened Blackpool Tramway, systems operating in Scotland and those in London that fall under the Transport for London agreement.

“It is our aim to see all these receive a fair share of support funding so that they can continue to deliver a service vital to a nationwide recovery following the coronavirus pandemic.”