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Sector welcomes clarity on face coverings Friday June 5, 2020

Government plans to make face coverings mandatory on public transport have been welcomed by the organisation representing the UK’s light rail sector.

Previously the wearing of non-surgical face coverings in confined spaces where social distancing is difficult was ‘recommended’, but an announcement yesterday (June 4) that they will be compulsory on trams, trains and buses adds some clarity.

James Hammett, Managing Director of UKTram, explained: “Operators have already introduced many measures to help protect customers and employees during the coronavirus outbreak, and this is a welcome step at a time when the number of people using public transport begins to rise.

“The announcement by Transport Secretary Grant Shapps on face coverings removes some of the uncertainty around the issue and we will be working with operators on the implementation of the new rules, which are due to come into force on June 15.

“We’ll also continue to work closely with the Department for Transport on how the they can be enforced on ‘open’ systems such as tramways and other light rail networks in UK cities.”