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Nottingham’s tram network has become the UK’s first light rail system to receive a prestigious international standard.

As a result of a two-year investment programme, NET operator, Nottingham Trams Limited, has secured the key ISO 55001:2014 (Assets) certification – a major success which is set to drive further improvements in service reliability.

Paul Robinson, Managing Director said: “Once again, Nottingham’s tram network is leading the way and to be the first light rail system in the country to achieve this award is a fantastic achievement.

“It reflects an ongoing commitment across the organisation to delivering the very best service to customers as part of a world class tram network the city can be proud of.”

The company’s Head of Engineering, Neil Cundy, explained that the globally recognised standard recognises the successful management of rolling stock, infrastructure, facilities and equipment.

“Clearly, running a busy tram network is a complex operation involving a huge number of individual pieces of equipment – from trams to ticket machines,” he said.

“By achieving ISO 55001, we’ve demonstrated our ability to gain maximum use from those assets and reduce the risk of disruption due to faults, whilst customers benefit from an even more reliable service.”

Providing a framework for resource management, ISO 55001 enables businesses to pro-actively manage the lifecycle of their assets, from acquisition to decommissioning.

Supporting continual improvement, the standard puts in place structured and efficient management of the risks associated with operation and maintenance.

As well as the care of tram equipment, it also covers the management of many other aspects of the network, including lineside vegetation, drains, buildings and car parks.