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LRSSB Chairman Vacancy Thursday November 7, 2019

The Light Rail Safety & Standards Board has been established by the light rail sector, with support from the Department of Transport and Office of Road & Rail in response to the recommendations of the Rail Accident Investigation Branch following the fatal derailment of a tram at Sandilands, Croydon in 2016.

The LRSSB will provide expert support to the light rail industry in the British Isles with the aim of driving continuous improvement in the safe and efficient management of tramways and light rail systems that fall outside of the regulatory regime governing mainline railways. In particular the LRSSB will lead on:

• The development of common risk analysis frameworks to inform industry decision making and formalise the sharing of information and best practice.
• The development and codification of industry Standards and Guidance
• Collation and analysis of industry accident and near miss data
• Reviewing and dissemination of lessons learnt and technical / safety information
• Collaborating with other industry safety bodies and light rail jurisdictions within the British Isles and overseas.
• Providing oversight of industry Competent Persons and supporting their continuing development.

UKTram (as owner of the LRSSB) and industry expect the role of Chair to act independently of the interests of the interests of any of the Light Rail Owners or Operators. The concept of separation of the role of the Chair from that of the CEO implies that the Chair should be independent from management and free from any interest and any business or other relationship which could interfere with the Chair’s independent judgment other than interests resulting from Company shareholdings and remuneration.

The Chair is appointed by and accountable to the Board and will act as a direct liaison between the Board and the management of the Company, through the Chief Executive. The Chair acts as the communicator for Board decisions to the shareholder(s) and stakeholders where appropriate.

More specifically, the duties and responsibilities of the Chairman are as follows:

1. To review monitor and manage the composition and effectiveness of the Board to ensure it is able to provide effective direction to the management in line with the overall corporate strategy.
2. In concert with the CEO, to develop and set the agendas for meetings of the Board.3. To act as Chair at meetings of the Board and to set an annual schedule of the dates, time and location of Board and Committee meetings;
4. To ensure that the Directors are properly informed and that sufficient information is provided in a timely manner to enable the Directors to form appropriate judgments;
5. To call special meetings of the Board where appropriate;
6. In concert with the CEO, to determine the date, time and location of the Annual General Meeting, to develop the agenda for and to chair the AGM;
7. To provide independent advice and counsel to the CEO; and
8. To keep abreast generally of the activities of the Company, its management and across wider industry;

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Chair of LRSSB – 06.11.2019