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TramForward Congratulates Transport for Greater Manchester Monday March 6, 2017

TramForward congratulates Transport for Greater Manchester on the successful opening of the Metrolink Second City Crossing.

This is the latest addition to the UK’s largest Light Rail network and will improve distribution within the central area of the city.

Although the new line provides an alternative to the original Metrolink route along Mosley Street, it is clear that the network’s continued success will ultimately depend upon further capacity being provided between St Peter’s Square and Cornbrook, with a need for more platforms at the latter once the Trafford Park Line, which is now under construction, opens to the public.

The Greater Manchester Transport Strategy quotes amongst the aims for the region’s transport system that it should be resilient and reliable, and in a large fixed-track system this will require both sufficient capacity for the services being run and the availability of alternative routes in the case of emergencies, infrastructure maintenance or special events.