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UKTram appoints Lindsay Murphy as Interim Chair Friday March 3, 2023

The light rail sector’s representative organisation has appointed Lindsay Murphy as its Interim Chair at a board meeting this week.

A transport engineering specialist with over 30 years’ experience, Lindsay first joined the UKTram board in 2019, and her broad experience has already proved valuable to the organisation as it strives to support its members and promote the benefits of light rail.

A Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers, Lindsay has a proven track record in the delivery of major transport projects, including maintenance delivery during network extensions in Nottingham. Previously, at Manchester Metrolink she developed real hands-on experience of asset management and leading effective maintenance teams.

Now the Technical Director at specialist consultancy TXM Consult, Lindsay said she is extremely proud to have the opportunity to step into her new role at UKTram, the authoritative voice of light rail in the UK and Ireland.

“With the launch last year of the Light Rail Strategy for the UK, endorsed by the DfT, the board believes that we are at a critical point in demonstrating the value of light rail to deliver key national strategic transport objectives,” she said.

“The successful delivery of measurable objectives set out in our latest business plan will also be vital in supporting our members, the wider light rail community, other stakeholders and the communities we serve.

“UKTram has achieved a lot over the past few years but this momentum needs to be maintained against a backdrop of challenges faced by the sector, including changing customer demands.

On the appointment of an Interim Chair, UKTram Managing Director James Hammett added: “Lindsay’s extensive experience and enthusiasm will be vital to helping the board to continue delivering on our ambitious business plan while further consideration is given to the fulfilment of the role in the longer term.”