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Operators to share best practice on tackling anti-social behaviour Friday July 1, 2022

Light rail operators from across the UK, together with colleagues from Dublin, are joining forces to look at ways of tackling anti-social behaviour on their networks.

Members of the UKTram Operations Group have reported an increase in incidents since the lifting of Covid restrictions and have pledged to focus on the issue at their next meeting.

Steve Duckering, UKTram Operations Manager, explained: “Light rail systems do not operate in isolation from the communities they serve, and anti-social behaviour appears to be growing problem for all transport operators.

“However, there are measures that can be taken to minimise the impact of such behaviour and reduce the number of incidents, and members of the group are committed to sharing best practice on dealing with the problem.”

The most recent meeting of the Operations Group, which was held online, also featured a presentation by Graham Fitzgerald from Dublin’s Luas network on Signal Passed at Stop management.

Representatives from light rail systems in the West Midlands, Manchester, Docklands, Croydon, Sheffield, Blackpool, Nottingham and Edinburgh reported similar experiences and the presentation provided a valuable insight into how the issue was addressed in Dublin.

“While many of the operators had developed similar solutions, the finer points of the resulting discussion provided plenty of food for thought and some useful tips for future SPAS management.”