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Views sought on new national standards for tram driver trainers Tuesday October 5, 2021

A pioneering project to enhance driver training standards across light rail has taken a major step forward with the launch of a sector-wide consultation.

Earlier in the year, UKTram started working with colleagues from across the sector to develop a new set of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for tram driver trainers and is now asking for feedback on its draft proposals.

Steve Duckering, the organisation’s Operations Manager, explained: “Over recent months we’ve conducted a comprehensive analysis of the main functions of the role of a tram driver trainer, identifying which standards need to be written to ensure that the key tasks are covered.

“This work has resulted in the development of a new ‘map’ that charts these responsibilities, together with a document setting out 16 draft standards.

“Now we are looking for feedback on both the map and the standards by asking colleagues from across the sector to take part in a simple, online survey.”

The Tram Driver Trainer NOS is part of a wider joint project by UKTram and the Light Rail Safety and Standards Board that aims to set out the skills, knowledge and understanding required to undertake a particular task or job role to a nationally recognised level of competence.

Available to all organisations in the sector free of charge, as well as establishing best practice, they can be used as a resource in a wide range of HR functions, including training, developing apprenticeship programmes, benchmarking and recruitment.

“NOS will help to formalise training requirements for employers and employees across the UK, and it’s important that colleagues have their say in helping to shape them,” Steve added.

The new Functional Map for the Tram Driver Trainer NOS can be found here and links to the draft standards can be found below.

Once reviewed, interested parties can take part in the survey, which runs until 29th October, here.

Unit 01 – Develop your own work skills, knowledge and behaviours in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTD09 v. final

Unit 02 – Develop a professional network in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTE01 v. final

Unit 03 – Work with external suppliers of training in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTDT01 v1.2 JW

Unit 04 – Confirm learner drivers meet all Health and Safety requirements for driving a Tram vehicle UKTTDT02 v1.2 JW

Unit 05 – Promote effective communication when training in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTDT03 v1.2 JW

Unit 06 – Support continuous improvement to processes and procedures in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTE07 v. final

Unit 07 – Support individuals by mentoring in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTE08 v. final

Unit 08 – Develop a training session to meet organisational and learner requirements UKTTDT04 v1.3 JW

Unit 09 – Review andor update a Tram Driver training session UKTTDT05 v1.3 JW

Unit 10 – Plan and monitor resources for a Tram Driver training session UKTTDT06 v1.3 JW

Unit 11 – Deliver a group training session in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTDT07 v1.3 JW

Unit 12 – Use digital and remote technologies to support learning in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTDT08 v1.3 JW

Unit 13 – Supervise a Tram driving simulator training session UKTTDT09 v1.3 JW

Unit 14 – Provide a driving commentary whilst accompanying a learner Tram Driver UKTTDT10 v1.3 JW

Unit 15 – Prepare a learner for an assessment of competency in the Tram and Tramway environment UKTTDT11 v1.3 JW

Unit 16 – Plan and carry out an assessment of Tram Driver competency UKTTDT12 v1.2 JW

Our National Occupational Standards Privacy Notice sets out how UK Tram uses and protects any information you give us as part of the consultation. Privacy Notice NOS