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Driving Standards for Tram and Tramway Engineering Thursday April 15, 2021

A project aimed at further driving professionalism across the light rail sector has reached a major milestone with the publication of new National Occupational Standards (NOS) for roles in tram and tramway engineering.

Now available free of charge to organisations operating in the sector, the standards can be used as a resource in a wide range of HR and training functions, including the development of in-house training schemes, vocational qualifications and apprenticeships.

Craig O’Brien, Engineering Manager at UKTram, explained: “Over the past 12 months, drawing on the experience of members and experts from across the sector, we’ve carried out a thorough review of existing engineering roles and the key competencies required.

“As a result, we’ve now established these new NOS that are structured to reflect the common functions and activities undertaken by individuals engaged in those roles.

“Their publication marks a significant milestone in our mission to promote best practice in both training and competency, providing a valuable tool to underpin recognised qualifications and training programmes.”

The Tram and Tramway Engineering NOS are part of a wider project that will see similar standards published for a wide range of jobs in light rail, including for traction and rolling stock technicians.

As well as providing a competency benchmark, the standards can also be used to support career and performance development, performance assessment and to establish formal job descriptions.

One of the first organisations to benefit from the latest NOS to be published is Siemens on the Edinburgh Trams network. Infrastructure Manager Cathal Dwane explained: “The creation of a standard approach to training and competence management in the light rail industry has been a common goal for all. The completion of the new NOS has now given the foundations, not only for our training structures here in Edinburgh, but throughout the industry.”

The full National Occupational Standards for Tram Engineering and Tramway Engineering are available at and will shortly be published on the UKTram website. Alternatively email