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UKTram continues to drive National Occupational Standards Wednesday November 18, 2020

A UKTram project to develop and refresh a set of sector-wide standards for key roles within light rail has taken a series of major steps forward.

Engineering Manager Craig O’Brien explained: “Work is well underway on developing a suite of National Occupational Standards (NOS) for roles involving traction power and rolling stock as well as infrastructure maintenance.

“We’ve already received and reviewed the current engineering job descriptions received from members and 31 individual modules have been drafted so far for the Traction power, with more to follow for the infrastructure roles.

“These are currently being reviewed by the team here at UKTram and will be returned to members for their consideration. Once feedback has been received, we’ll modify the draft standards to take into account any suggested modifications ahead of final publication.”

The project has also received a further boost following a successful bid to Skills Development Scotland for guardianship of NOS enabling UKTram to build on the work already being carried out across the UK.

Once completed, the Standards will provide a valuable resource for HR and training departments across the sector.

They can be used as a benchmark against which companies can compare their internal practices and procedures and as a basis for developing training programmes.

“The standards will also provide a useful tool in the recruitment process, for example in drafting job descriptions and person specifications, as well as for developing or refining performance appraisal systems and individual self-assessment,” Craig added.