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Pre Metro Supports Innovative Biomethane Light Rail Development Monday July 27, 2020

Pre Metro Operations has been playing it’s part in the development of a futuristic light rail vehicle that incorporates the use of Biomethane and kinetic energy storage.

The project, dubbed the first of a kind, has been made possible via a Department for Transport/SBRI Innovate UK research and development Grant to Ultra Light Rail Partners, which includes Parry People Movers, Sustraco, Severn Lamb Transport and Pre Metro Operations, as well as support from IDEA Institute at Birmingham City University.

The project is known as the Bristol Biomethane. The demonstration vehicle undertook several journeys recently at the Motorail test track facility in Long Marston, Warwickshire, with an invited audience including Councillors from several local authorities across the UK looking to introduce new light rail operations in their locality.

Pre Metro Operations’ Training Manager Mick Hickinbottom provided training and supervision for the Motorail crews involved in the demonstration.

Pre Metro Operations Chief Executive Phil Evans said: “We’re excited to be part of this innovative development. Our decade of experience operating the Stourbridge Shuttle light rail operation places us in a unique position of understanding innovation in light rail as part of a day-to-day public operation. Environmentally-friendly operation is vital to the future of public transport and we’re hopeful that projects such as this provide some direction as to how future vehicles will be powered.”

Pre Metro’s operation of the Stourbridge branch line, now in it’s eleventh year, is regarded as one of the most reliable in the UK, with figures currently standing at 99.8%. The company is hopeful of expanding the concept to other areas of the UK, including a line from Stourbridge towards Brierley Hill, to link in with West Midlands Metro line extensions.