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Extension opening demonstrates light rail innovation Wednesday December 11, 2019

The opening of an extension to the successful West Midlands Metro network today (December 11) demonstrates how the light rail sector is leading the way when it comes to sustainable urban transport.

The use of battery-powered trams along the Centenary Square extension marks the first time in the UK that trams have run on a modern line built without overhead wires.

James Hammett, Managing Director of UK Tram, believes such innovation demonstrates the potential for light rail to operate in an even wider range of urban environments.

“This project shows that tramways can now provide an effective solution to congestion and pollution in areas where overhead lines would be impractical or unsuitable,” he explained.

“The sector is clearly going from strength-to-strength and while work is underway on further expansion in the West Midlands, across the country, a number of extension projects are currently at various stages of development and several other areas are also considering investment in light rail.”

The Metro extension, and two new tram stops, have opened ahead of schedule, in time for Christmas, and you can read the full story here.