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Tramway marketeers join forces Tuesday October 1, 2019

Marketing and customer service professionals from across the UK’s light rail sector have joined forces to promote the benefits of travelling by tram to potential customers.

At a meeting organised by UK Tram, they agreed to a more collaborative approach to communications, drawing on best practice and successful initiatives that have already boosted patronage figures on successful tramways.

Jamie Swift, UK Tram Marketing and Commercial Manager, explained: “This year has seen record passenger and customer satisfaction figures, so we know that operators are already doing some fantastic work.

“By tapping into the wealth of experience and expertise within the UK Tram membership, we believe it’s possible to do even better as a number of networks develop extensions and we see an increasing appetite for investment in light rail.”

The meeting, attended by representatives from tramways in Nottingham, Blackpool, Edinburgh, Manchester, Sheffield and the West Midlands, also saw the establishment of a new Light Rail Marketing, Communications and Customer Services Group.

Held at the NET depot in Nottingham, it also established a framework for future meetings, and members agreed to take a more co-ordinated, sector-wide approach to media enquiries on common issues such as safety and anti-social behaviour.

Jamie added: “It’s clear that we’re all on track when it comes to delivering positive messages about light rail, but this new group will help the sector to promote itself even more effectively.”