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UKTram leads the charge for light rail investment Wednesday July 24, 2019

Innovation, collaboration and promotion are key to unlocking the potential of light rail to transform urban transport, sector leaders have heard this week.

Leading the charge for one of the most sustainable forms of public transport, UK Tram is heading calls for greater investment in light rail to tackle congestion and air pollution.

Speaking during a major conference in Manchester, the organisation’s Managing Director, James Hammett, explained: “UK Trams is evolving rapidly to provide an effective voice for the sector at a critical time.

“The potential of light rail to deliver clean, reliable and efficient public transport is rising up the political agenda and it’s important we don’t miss the opportunity to help transform the cities of the future.

“To meet the challenge, UK Tram has strengthened its team with several key appointments and we’re looking forward to working with members on a wide range of issues, from exploring new technology to marketing existing services.

“Tramways in several major UK cities have already proved hugely popular and we’re committed to ensuring their success doesn’t go unnoticed when future transport needs are being considered by national, regional and local government.”

To support the case, a specially commissioned video was also launched during the 14th UK Light Rail Conference in Manchester. Highlighting the huge positive impact of tramways in areas such as the West Midlands, Nottingham, Manchester and Edinburgh, the film also showcases the economic argument for investment in light rail and can be viewed here.

Mr Hammett added: “Covering nearly 200 miles, used by nearly 300 million passengers every year and attracting significant inward investment, our existing tramways are clearly a success story worth shouting about.

“Representing organisations from across the sector, UK Tram is in a fantastic position to get this message across and the high calibre of our membership is set to ensure that light rail plays an increasing important role in our future city planning.”