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Appointments strengthen UKTram team Wednesday February 6, 2019

Three key appointments are set to strengthen UK Tram’s position as the driving force behind the promotion of light rail in the country.

Craig O’Brien, Steve Duckering and Jamie Swift bring a wealth of experience and expertise to the organisation, which represents an increasingly important transport sector.

James Hammett, Managing Director of UK Tram, explained: “Joining us next month, the new members of the team will enable the organisation to take the next steps in its development as the ‘voice’ of the sector.

“They’ll also strengthen our position as the leading advocates for the adoption of light rail as a sustainable means of reducing congestion and cutting pollution in UK cities.”

“Alongside their contribution to the efforts of UK Tram, they’ll also support and assist the work of the LRSSB (Light Rail Safety and Standards Board) as it becomes established.”

Details of the new members of the UK Tram team are as follows:

Craig O’Brien – Engineering Manager

Bringing with him a wealth of engineering expertise and experience from his 12 years in the light rail industry, Craig is well known to a lot of UK Tram members as the current Chair of LREG (Light Rail Engineers Group). His knowledge of engineering infrastructure is complemented by his involvement in the integration of the new Tram-Train fleet in Sheffield.

Combined with his immense passion and enthusiasm for light rail his experience will greatly benefit members, as will his interest in innovation and how it can complement and improve ways of working in the industry.

Steve Duckering – Operations Manager

Steve joins the team with nearly 30 years of public transport experience, two-thirds of this in the light rail sector. His career covers many operational roles – from driver training, recruitment and customer service through to operational management and directorship. A career-long attendee and participant of LROC (Light Rail Operators Committee), Steve is well known to the vast majority of members and has, on a number of occasions, stepped in to chair LROC over the years.

Steve brings a real desire to enhance our collaborative working across the industry, through sharing best practice, training and innovation.

Jamie Swift – Commercial & Marketing Manager

Working for over two decades in the public transport sector, Jamie has vast experience in marketing, development and commercial growth. This experience will help UK Tram to make great strides in the promotion and development of the organisation and wider light rail sector.

Having worked successfully with Tramlink Nottingham, Edinburgh Trams and Midland Metro, Jamie’s familiarity with marketing strategies, customer communications and advertising will provide invaluable.

James added: “We’d like to welcome Craig, Steve and Jamie to the team and look forward to introducing them to members over the coming months as we step up efforts to promote the sector.”